Introducing the Embedded E-Paper Display Module

ALHAMBRA- Saiko Systems Ltd. announces the latest addition to its line of OEM Modules.

The LCD-EPDP24 is an Embedded LCD module featuring E-Paper Panels from Pervasive Displays, similar to those used in the Kindle and other e-Readers. Designed for low power applications, the E-Paper displays mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper, making them more comfortable to read and giving the surface a wider viewing angle. Furthermore, E-Paper uses only minimal power to change the image on screen, while using no power what-so-ever to maintain a static image.

Powered by Microchip’s 16-bit PIC24F microcontroller, the module offers designers a host of features including a 10-bit ADC @ 500ksps, 59 Digital I/O, UART, I2C, SPI, Timers / Counters, USB 2.0 Full Speed (functional as a Host or Client), and much more. Furthermore, an additional 256K SPI SRAM and a 256K SPI EEPROM provide ample storage for display centric human interactive applications.

Using the free MPLAB X IDE and vast resources of software libraries and example software available, developers can bring their projects to life with ease and a quick time to market.

The small form factor, low power requirements, and vast feature set make it ideal for control, display, and human interaction applications which are limited in space, but require reliability and a high CPU processing ability.

The LCD-EPDP24 can be purchased Module only, or populated with the display of your choice.

For further details, please visit the LCD-EPDP24-XX Product Page.