3Amp LDO Power Regulator Board

ALHAMBRA- Saiko Systems Ltd. announces the latest addition to its line of solutions geared towards circuit prototyping.

Saiko Systems has introduced a new line of power regulator boards which allow regulated power to be quickly and easily applied to any project.

The PS-Rxx-3A power regulator board features the LT1529 3A DC-DC low dropout regulator with micropower quiescent current and shutdown. The board is capable of supplying 3A output with a low dropout voltage of 0.6V. The board can be connected to input voltages higher or lower than the desired output (including negative voltages)without reverse current flow. This makes the PS-Rxx-3A ideal for backup power applications where the output is held steady at the desired voltage when the input is at ground or reversed.

The PS-Rxx-3A is available in three configurations: +3.3V fixed output, +5.0V fixed output, or an adjustable version between +3.3V to +14V. The adjustable version requires the user to solder appropriate resistors based on the desired output voltage. Please seethe user manual for further details.

The board features standard screw-terminals (18AWG) for easy integration with any input source and device which requires regulated power. The shutdown pin can be controlled either via the output screw-terminal or a 0.1" header.

For further details, please visit the 3A LDO Power Regulator Board.