Revised USB Type C Breakout Boards

ALHAMBRA- Saiko Systems Ltd. announces the latest addition to its line of solutions geared towards circuit prototyping.

Saiko Systems has introduced a new set of new USB Type C breakout boards which can be used to easily prototype or integrated into projects with updates based on customer feedback.

The BRK-USB-Cv2.0 features a USB Type C Female Receptacle while the BRK-USB-CPv2.0 features a Type C Male Plug connector.

A standard 0.1” pitch, 13-pin header can be soldered to J2 and J3, allowing developers access to the USB signals. The placement of the headers allows the board to be easily used with breadboards.

The breakout board also features a grounded shield which makes it suitable for applications subject to high frequency noise. Grounded mounting holes allow the board to be mounted and secured easily.

For further details, please visit the USB Type C Female Receptacle Breakout Board v2.0 or USB Type C Male Plug Breakout Board v2.0.